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Hi, My name is Kimberly. I decided to blog about my journey to a healthy me. At present I am 50 yo, I weigh about 225 lb (edit...down to 185) I am 5' 10" tall; Re-married Mom of 2 wonderful "boys" (24& 25). I work as an executive assistant, have a fabulous Husband and life would be perfect if I could just learn to budget, get my bills paid and reduce my size by about 60 (edit: 20 more) lb!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Planned Interruption in Diet

so I am doing a planned interuption of my Protocol.
I want to enjoy Thanksgiving without going overboard but still being able to have a roll or a small dessert without gaining.
Also I was going to have to mix a new batch up to continue. So I figure this is the best time to do an interruption.
We will see how it goes. at the worst I will gain back a lb or 2, but life is too short to worry about every single oz.  I would rather have an extra pound to lose when I start and have fun with my family and eat my mom's pumpkin pie. :)

Dinner is all planned, Turkey (frozen solid) is purchased and sitting thawing slowly in the fridge.
Everything else is planned out and purchased. I had a great morning with my son, we went shopping at BJ's and got regular household food stuffs as well as Thanksgiving.
I baked all night for the Church bake sale. The house smells GREAT.
Put together a nice crockpot chicken dinner before leaving for Church this morning. now enjoying the fruits of my labor. chicken and veggies. YUM!
Happy SUNDAY to all.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My Scale is possessed

I got up went to the bathroom, weighed in, it said 199 I am like no way I gained.
So I get off then weigh again I get an error.
I weigh again 196.5  awesome
I weigh again 198.
weigh one more time 198.5.

So I have no idea what I weigh today.

conference today at work, bad food choices. had a turkey sandwich took off the bread.
dinner is chicken legs and veggies.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Back on track. 198.5

Ok so for a few days I went up 2 lbs and then stalled.  I just stuck to plan. Didn't do an apple day or anything and it seems I am back down. so we move on from here.
Drinking at least 2 liters of water a day.
Today I made some strawberry gel.  (kind of like a calorie free jello)
I can't wait to try it tonight with dinner.

Today's plan:
Brkfst: coffee w/cinnamon, apple
Lunch: Salad (iceburg lettuce, tomatoes and red pepper) chicken -homemade dijon dressing
Dinner: Talapia, sauted spinach w/onion. Strawberry gel.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

odd I am up a 1lb

I did taste my DH dinner which had oil in it. so I think that might be it.
I did add vanilla to my apple also...but that has no sugar.

Weird. but no worries Planning on a great day!
Cleaning and getting ready for Thanksgiving.
Today's plan:
apple, salad, chicken
fish, cabbage and onions.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Day 6 down another .5 for a total of 10.5

Woo Hoo! I am hoping to be at the end of P3 by Christmas. hopefull I will continue as well as I have been so far. if I can get to 185 I will be happy. Then one final round will get me to goal.
I mistakenly thought I could be to 170 on one round but that is pushing it. I don't want to set myself up for failure.
that would be almost 40 lbs in 35 days...not possible.

today's plan:
Brkfst: Apple and coffee
Lunch: Baby spinach salad w/ cherry tomatoes, and cucumbers. Grilled chicken
Dinner: Fish or Shrimp, sauted cabbage, onion and celery.  Baked Apple.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

P2R4 VLC Day5 - back in ONEderland!!!!

I was so worried about giving blood and the peanuts they MADE me eat. But I drank over 2 liters of water. So I think I flushed out any fats that resulted from that. and am down 2 lbs.
Woo Hoo!
Back under 200 lbs. (ok JUST under, but still very happy)
Closer to goal!
Today's plan:
Brkfst: Apple, Coffee
Lunch: salad, grilled chicken
Dinner: Napa Cabbage, onion and Cod (steamed)  Apple.

Monday, November 7, 2011

I'm back!!!

In July of this year I hurt my back, how I have no idea, but I couldn't stand or walk.
So I sort of neglected my blog. So sorry BLOG!
I did good at keeping the weight down while layed up. but once I got back up and didn't have to be waited on. I blew it.  I was back up over 200. at 5'10" it wasn't TOO noticable to anyone but me. but I felt I had failed myself. So starting this past weekend. I am back on track.
Starting Round 4 and hoping to be at goal by NYE and my 1 year anniversary with my DH.

After first loading days 209
Today's weight 103.5

Monday, June 27, 2011

Just call me stable Mabel, lol

doing terrific at the stabalizing. I will be going camping this weekend and thru the 4th. Woot! I have the luxury hotel of TENTS!  it is HUGE!  and of course my queen size double high air mattress.
I have been planing all week, I have made pumpkin muffins, P3 friendly of course. and some flaxseed crackers, and blue cheese gluten free crackers. freezing some muffins and Flaxseed Sandwich buns...gluten free, low carb, grain free!!!! I will use them for hamburgers.

I even have a pancake recipe that is grain free. so when I am making them for everyone, I can have them too!!!  I am very excited to go on this trip and NOT Gain any of the weight back. Bringing lots of fruit for snacks so I avoid the ice cream stand. and hummus and veggies for the beach...no chips!!!

I am PLANNED for food! now I just need to start planning clothing, and sunscreen and bug repelent. LOL
I will be off the grid the entire time we are in Maine. no cell service either...hopefully I won't be going thru technology withdrawals when I return! :)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sorry Blogger I have neglected you!

I have been so focused on tracking my foods in SparkPeople that I have neglected my Blog!
I am doing TERRIFIC!
My last injection weight was 196. Today, 8 days into P3 I weigh 196 exactly.
Woo Hoo!!!
I have really stabalized well. I thought for some reason in my first round that beans were allowed in P3. I am not sure why I didn't think they were a starch, so no corn, no beans, no other starches, no sugar.

I have made up for the starches with nut flours. I made chocolate flaxseed flour muffins. Sooooo yummie.
Almond flour gingersnaps. also so awesome my DH keeps stealing them.
Oopsie bread, which is NOT like bread but kinda...you have to try it to understand. it is very eggy.but you can make a sandwich out of it.
LOVING cheese! but need to limit it as I was up 2 lbs after making zuccini crust pizzas.  took it easy with nuts and cheeses the next day. and was back down to LIW.
Doing the happy dance!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 3 off HCG, getting ready for P3

So this is the 3rd day off HCG. I am HUNGRY for the first time in a WHILE!
I found a GREAT P3 friendly snack - Raisin, Almond balls.
It is basically raisins, almonds and cinnamon, put in a food processor and then rolled together.
No other ingredients. so this will make a nice snack starting tomorrow.
I will post to my recipe page too!
I have been to the grocery and bought avacado, eggs, more spinach, whey protein and cheese. and a few Fage yogurts.
Not going to eat that much yogurt in P3 but it might be good to add to protein shakes.
I can't wait till tomorrow and so different foods.
I thought sure I could eat beans in P3 but double checking...nope! drat!
Tomorrow I am going to have a nice salad with turkey bacon, avacado and snow peas. yay.
And a mushroom omlet for Brkfst.
I think DH is making smoked turkey legs for dinner. yum!
I have stayed at 195 for the last 2 days. woot!  Going to work very hard to stabalize and be ready for my next round and get to GOAL!
Doing the very very happy dance.
If I felt any better today, I'd be twins!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Not Feeling it today.

Feeling rather BLAH. can't decide if I want to do 15 more days or NOT.
I finished my 2nd batch for this round...I am on day 33 I am down 21 lbs. And LOVING it.
However my motivation is waining.

Friday, June 10, 2011


So I seem to go a few days and hold the same weight, then will drop a lb or 2 so I can't complain. I am the lowest I have been in years and years!
I reached my first goal of getting to ONEderland!
I just bought a BRAND NEW Car...not just one NEW to me, but BRAND new! I am sooooooo excited.
Now when I want to overeat. I go for a drive. LOL
I SHOULD be going for a WALK! but baby steps, I am NOT eating whatever is driving my craving and that is a plus!

Hoping to get my bike tuned up soon, so I can start riding around the lake. :)
doing great sticking to plan. Feeling Fantastic. I have one more vial of HCG which should take me about 15 more days from Monday or Tuesday, depending on when this batch is out.
Hoping for another 10 lbs off by the end of this round.
That would bring me to 187 or so.
Soooo close to my FINAL goal of 170!!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Only 1 lb from first goal!

This morning I weighed in at 200 exactly.
yay. I ate popcorn last night which is NOT on protocol, but I didn't get to eat. I took Tyler my friends 5 yo to the movies. He had a hot dog for dinner, but I didnt see anything I really wanted. Not too many HEALTHY choices. I did get the celery and carrot sticks w/lowfat ranch, and a water....can you beleive they charged me $4.50 for a bottle of water!?
And I did eat popcorn.
Today is a busy day! Tyler was up at 5:30 am!  I am cleaning and checking e-mail while he is watching cartoons.  Next is shower and get dressed. Then I am going to pick up my NEW CAR!!! yay!
I am stressing the higher car payment, but I am getting a Brand new car as opposed to a used one. At some point I need to go grocery shopping.

Then it going into Boston to hang out with friends. BUSY BUSY Saturday!!!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Day 23 - down 15 lbs total

I read a post today that said TGIT...Thank God it's TODAY.
It basically said we make everyday good or bad, and why wish for Friday all week, make everyday GREAT.
So TGIT!!!
I am doing GREAT on the HCG diet this round. I have 1 lb to my 1st goal of UNDER 200!

This weekend is a FULL one. My mother leaves to drive to AR today at 1:00pm, and my DH leaves to drive to NY today at noon.
Mom will be gone 2 weeks visiting family, DH will be gone only for the weekend to visit an old friend.

My weekend is planned out! 
Hopfully picking up my " NEW to me" Car this afternoon, praying financing goes thru.
Babysitting for a 5 yo tonight. Thinking of taking him out to the movies to see KungFoo Panda. 
Saturday - Yoga, then cleaning, then maybe out dancing with friends.
Sunday - Church choir, a walk around the lake, and spending some time with ME, myself and I.

Make today FABOULOUS!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day!

Thank you to all the Vets out there! and remembering and saying a prayer for all the fallen Veterans and their families!

Today having a cookout...darn it if it isn't raining outside right now. it should clear but it is upsetting that 2 days straight it was georgeous out, and the day I am trying to have company over and cookout...it's raining.
Oh well, we will make the best of it. It may turn out to be a cookout/eat-in sort of deal.
I am off to make a nice green salad, and marinate some boneless chicken breasts, as well as make stuff everyone else wants...brownies, pasta salad, and take out the burgers and brats.  :)
Heck even if the weather doesn't cooperate we are going to have really good food. I even got a nice watermelon to cut up.
I am down another lb today. woot!  I am going to try very hard not to un-do the losses. but I am not going to be really strict today, so if I have a gain I am not going to freak out about it.

Last night I pulled out the "Bucket o'clothes" in the basement that said summer stuff, most of it was too small for me....I tried stuff on. and 50 % of it FITS!!! 15% of it goes into the RAG pile because I looked at it and went....WHA? I wore that?! ick!  And about 15% was still too small and 20% is going to the local Boys & Girls club clothes donation bin.
But I now have some "new" shorts to wear today! (does the happy dance)

Have a Fantabulous Day!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

I should listen to my own advice. lol

So this morning down 2 lbs after a 3 day stall.  yep it comes off after a stall, if you JUST STICK TO IT.
It is hard after days of consistancy, about .5 lbs a day...not to be dissappointed to nothing for a few days
But like I tell others. wait, be patient....but the reason most of us are on HCG is because we are those that are NOT patient. if we can't see results, we often give up.
I see it too often. people on sparkpages....following a plan to the letter, ANY plan, but not seeing results, they get discouraged.  Our bodies are stubborn, they LIKE that extra fat. that cushion of saftey.
But we know it is not healthy, not always comfortable.

So we get upset and some people quit. But not me. I am not a quitter!!!
I am sticking to this for 45 days, then 3 weeks of P3 then for LIFE of living healthier and sticking to a plan.
Planning on an excellent day with my Mom today.
Pedicures, shopping then cooking out on the grill, (shrimp on the baaaaabie for me)

Friday, May 27, 2011

Slowing down

So I know I can't lose every day. and I encourage others not to expect it or they will set themselves up for dissappointment.  I KNOW THIS. 
But when my weight loss slows down, it IS dissappointing.
I was hungry today...which is weird. I am usually NEVER hungry on HCG.
I am hoping beyond hope that it is not the batch I got.  I doubt it. I have never had issues with where I get it from. But this one mixed...weird. Like it didn't quite dissolve correctly.

Any how, it could just be the combo of what I have been eating, there were alot less calories in what I had. AND I have been taking a multi-vitamin everyday....and for some reason when I take B vitamins when not on a diet, they make me RAVENOUS! like I could eat everything in site!
so it could be that. I am really hoping I don't have to stop taking them due to hunger.

However I am down to 204.5 and this is GREAT!
I feel fantastic.
My son's are coming over for a cookout this weekend.
I am singing in the choir on Sunday.
I have an appt for my Car to be checked on Tuesday.
It is beautiful outside, and I have Monday off!
Life is pritty damn good.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 14 - Down 11 lbs

So I am doing totally awesome this round. tomorrow I will need to mix a new batch for the next 15 days.
I am hoping I do as well on the next batch.  I could possibly be in ONEderland if I do.
Doing the HAPPY DANCE!
Started at 216, was at 217 after load days, and now down to 205.
My goal is to be at 195 for stabalization, then do another round in August.
OR, and I am just thinking MAYBE, do 15 more days for a total of 45 days.
That would bring me to the end of June.
We are going on a Camping trip and the beach the first week of JULY. So I definately don't want to be on VLCD for that.
If I can lose at least 10 lbs each 15 days...then I would be at 185, which would be the lowest I have been since I had my kids.  and I would be 15 lbs from GOAL.
Being 5'10" my goal weight is 170.

I am trying to do some yoga, but my knees say. NO WAY! I am doing a modified yoga, hopefully when the weight comes off, I can do the actual sitting on the floor!
I am on my WAY!!!

Monday, May 23, 2011


So today I noticed I actually FEEL lighter today.  Maybe it is all the clean eating. The fact that I MAKE dinner everynight so we know what is in our food...(I usually did this anyway but with more fat and carbs)
Last night I had Salmon and it was AWESOME, my DH LOVED it.  I put it over steamed broccoli slaw. he had basmati rice with his.  
I am feeling AWESOME, down another .5 lb.
If I can keep this up. I will be the lowest weight I have been in over 10 years and I will be in ONEderland.
I will then stabalize and go for another round after July vacation.
I want to get to my goal of 170 or 165 this time!
Started at 216 this round. currently at 205.5.

Friday, May 20, 2011

down 10 lbs from Day 1 VLCD. yay

down .5 lb today.
Weekend ahead is my challenge.
I MUST behave. I can DO THIS!
My son's are coming for dinner on Sunday and I am stressing singing for the first time in the choir.
so it will be tough, but doable.
I am planning on making a dessert that I don't like. ..maybe Peanut butter cake or pie.
I don't like PB.
But the speghetti and meatballs, or more so the Garlic Bread is going to be tough.
I think I can, I think I can, I KNOW I CAN!


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Down another lb

I was worried about what I ate yesterday, but this morning I weighed in at 207.
I may show a gain or a stall in the next day or so, my body seems to take a day or 2 to catch up with my actions. 
But I am not sweating the small stuff. I am doing really well, feeling great and releasing pritty steadily.
I feel bad for a friend of mine who is not doing so well on the protocol, her husband knows the plan and cooks for her. so I am wondering if he isn't cooking with a bit of oil or Pam and just not telling her, or if he is making the plate up, is he actually weighing or eyeballing it.
I guess that is why I always cook and weigh my protein. I want to make sure I really am on protocol.
sticking to the 3.5 oz
it is EASY to go over.
Tonight I made a baked apple with apple pie spice and stevia. It was sooooooo good.
I am totally satisfied and not even thinking about food.
Which I used to do all the time.

I have been on sparkpeople to keep track of food and excersize...MAN are they AGAINST HCG!
which is really had to be possitive with. I want to YELL at them, but I try try try not to.
I just keep my page private and when I see my friends being told things that aren't true. or that the HCG plan DOES NOT WORK I have to speak up and say....ummmmm knock knock knock...what do you call what I am experiencing...I used to be 142 lbs....it works. I love it!

enough ranting.
HAVE A Fabulous DAY!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Back on Track and down .5 lb.

So I am back on Track, sticking to protocol and I feel great!
I made up a great recipe last night,
I know on Protocol your not supposed to mix veggies but I do at times with no adverse affects. Last night I REALLY mixed it up,
I chopped up 1 tomatoe, 2 stalks of celery, 1 whole red onion, 1/2 a red pepper, 1/2 a yellow pepper, 1 garlic clove and a small bit of cabbage. I sauted them all together with a bit of lemon juice until tender.
The tomatoes and onion released juices so there was enough on med heat to cook everything crisp tender. I added a few tablespoons of water and topped the mixture with 3 filets of tilapia that I had sprinkled with cajun spices, and covered it, turning the heat up a bit.  Now this is not just for ME I was cooking for my husband as well.
I let the fish steam for about 10 min. and viola!
IT WAS SOOOOOOO GOOD. I measured out about 1 cup of veggies and took 3 oz of fish.
My hubby even loved it.  I let him eat what he wanted and then took out 3 oz of fish and some veggies for my lunch today.
Can't wait!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

odd, or maybe not

I am up a lb, I am not recording it on the scale thingy because I know in the next day or so it will come back off.
I think it is the ground beef. I know others have complained that it makes them stall or gain.
I also skipped an injection on Sunday, so it could have something to do with it as well
I KNOW I ate more than 3 oz of beef last night. the chili was so yummie.
So it is NOT odd that I am up a lb.
Today drinking lots of water, and sticking to plan. and see what the day brings for tomorrow's release.
I have found I don't sweat the small stuff.
I did some yoga this morning as well, just to balance myself.

I don't like the fact that I am realizing that as I age I am losing my flexability, and that my Knees now HATE me.   I can't do the Hero position I used to be able to do. It aggrivates me...but I am working around it. I am also hoping that actually doing the yoga will bring back some of the flexability I once had.
Hind site is 20/20, if your younger, remember all the bad things you do to your body...that don't affect you now. WILL catch up with you later. I was a runner when I was in high school and did some pritty bad things to my knees, they are now reminding me of that early damage.
So if anyone younger actually comes across my blog, if you take anything from it...
REMEMBER! Sun damage, joint damage, broken bones and weight...they wait till your over 40 to slap you in the face for it!

I feel great other than my knees today, it is rainy and gloomy but only on the outside, inside I am SMILING and it is a GREAT day!

Monday, May 16, 2011

VLCD 5 down 1.5

For a total of 8 lbs from load day. Wooooooot!!!!
Doing REALLY Well sticking to plan. although today raw almonds were calling me by my first name.
I had ONE. and some more water. I am good.

I was nervous about today's WI because last night I substituted 4 prunes for my normal Apple.
Yes I know Prunes are not on Protocol. but my DH was eating them out of the can and they smelled yummie so I had them.
No adverse affect. YAY!  I am not going to push my luck though, since I know dried fruit has more sugar than regular fruits.

I made chli last night, it was so good I could have eaten the entire pan. But I had my portion and was satisfied. Which just goes to show, you don't NEED what you WANT.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Down another 1.5

I really hate...haters.  People who go onto my site or those of other HCG'ers and either put them down or spout off as to how HORRIBLE the HCG diet is.
Lets see I started out at 243 lbs. Today I weighed in at 210.
And a goal of 170.
I am doing great, FEEL awesome. So why do people have to be such downers.
But in the long run I have great support, and a hubby who is behind me 100%. Whether I lose weight or not.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Day 3 VLCD

This morning I was down 5 lbs from start. VERY happy. I am doing well sticking to plan.
Weekends are hard, I am not as diciplined.
I made chicken soup. it has loads of veggies and not just one..but all are on plan.
I am hoping this doesn't make too much of a difference.

Will put in measurements soon.
:)  Happy SATURDAY!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I'mmmmmm Baaaaack!

So yeah my scale was acting fluky, so I got a new one.
I am UP and I know why, completely flaked on everything I know.
After I got married, I had Honeymoon, Valentine's Day, Easter, My Birthday, My son's 21's Birthday, and Mothers Day. and not ONCE did I make smart choices. You see I am taking all the blame on this.
Because I know WHY I am up. But I will not beat myself up.
I am back on track, I have a new dose of HCG and starting ANEW!
Today is day 1 of Loading. I can only hope that I do as well on this round as I did the first round.
My goal is 30 lbs in 40 days.
But I will take what ever I get.
I also purchased a yoga DVD for beginners.
I'm back on TRACK.

I'mmmm Baaaaaaaack!

Yep time for

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Oh Blog I have neglected you!

I have slipped off the blogging wagon and stopped tracking what I ate. So yes I am up 8 lbs.
I am getting back on track, both blogging and tracking.
Going to just excersize and watch my caloric intake for a while.
Then may do another HCG round in May.
For now I am happy with myself. need to take off these extra lbs, but all things considered I am doing well.
I BINGED for a week or so...just eating anything and everything. so yeah I KNOW where those extra lbs came from.
What bugs me is when you gain weight and you're like WHA!?
I need to drink more H2O as well!!!

Go me for getting back on track!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Missed 3 shots, started eating normally

Not sure if I should just jump back in and take the last 4 shots and get back on track with the VLCD for 5 or 6 days or should I just quit and start on phase 3 even though yesterday and today I ate rice and some olive oil which neither are on P3.

*sigh*  I hate when I sabotage myself.
I also ate some M&Ms which really shouldn't be part of ANY Phase that I am on.
I feel like I failed myself.

going online later for advice. Right now facebook and all other sites not connected with google are blocked from my work. BLARG!!! don't they know I need moral support during the day!!!!

On an up note my husband and I had a FABULOUS weekend. Joined a new church, had friends come by, and he cooked. My favorite african Dish Jallof...hence the rice.
I love him so much! (even when he doesn't cook. LOL)

Friday, March 11, 2011

Going to stop the HCG. Stablize then start another round

For anyone reading about HCG and doing this protocol, I can't stress enough staying on plan and writing things down. Live and learn as they say. I didn't blog or write down anything I was eating. Even on the days I was ON THE LETTER of the plan. I didn't track it. And the days I was eating off plan I should have kept track of it so I know what is really triggering it.
Anyway I only have about 2 or 3 shots left. I am going to try to get down another 2 lbs. Then stabalize with P3 and P4. then start another round and really really stick to it. I would like to be at goal or damn close to it for the Summer, I know it will be easy to stay at LID weight for the summer, so many more healthy choices and fruits are so much cheaper in the summer. I also eat more fish and get out and excersize more.

I took a trip to NY and started out great  - salad for lunch, alot of walking but when I got home I as hungry and ate lasagna because it was made and ready. (I know better) and yesterday, I ate M&Ms and corn chips with homemade salsa. What was I thinking!?  So I am up a lb, but ready to take it back off.
sometimes I think my body and my mind are not connected. I KNOW what I should and shouldn't be doing and eating, yet my body takes control and I do what I shouldn't.
However I am not going to beat myself up over it, because I am up ONLY a lb, and I know I am going to get right back on track.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Soooooo close to ONEderland

after a 5 ay stall, I am down to 200.5. woot!
so very very close to being under 200 again. I can't WAIT. mixed a new batch and made it a bit stronger, and that curbed the hunger. so I was taking to small a dose this time.

Glad to be back to feeling Awesome! Love this plan...have I said that enough...really?!
I can't understand why so many people put the proticol down, or try to debunk it.
Wore a new dress to work yesterday, and didn't even where a body cincher under it. and if I say so myself. I LOOKED AWESOME. no tummy bulge and it fit great.  Even my DH said he didn't think he should let me out of the house. LOL.
 Today's Plan:
Brkfst: apple w/stevia & cinamon, coffee
Lunch: lettuce, tomato and cucumber w/ grilled chicken
Dinner: ?  probably shrimp and cabbage - unless we stop at the Indian restaurant, then it will be lamb and veggies.  Strawberries for dessert.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

yay finally started releasing again

down 1 lb!  I'm hungry today. this is odd. I am usually NOT hungry on HCG, going to up the dose tomorrow. tummy is actually grumbling. but it is LUNCH TIME.
I have a nice salad with homemade ACV/dijon dressing. And grilled chix.
Of course tomorrow will be hard, meeting a friend for dinner at a sushi place.  I can get Shashimi which is without rice. but the DRINK I will want with it is what is going to kill me.
I may do HALF an apple day to make up for it, and HAVE the saki.

Today's Plan:
Brkfst: apple w/ cinnamon & stevia, Blk cinnamon coffee
Lunch: Lettuce & red peppers, with grilled chicken and mustard dressing.
Dinner: ?  Maybe shrimp & cabbage stir-fry. strawberries w/ stevia

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

NADA! no loss

I may be in a stall, or I may just not be following plan.
I find when I am uncertain or depressed about everything else in my life. I tend to make bad choices.
Last night I didn't weigh my steak, and I KNOW I ate more than 3 oz. I was hungry. or thought I was.
so no loss, but no gain.
So I can't decide if I am going to do an apple day, or if I am just going to stick to the plan and see how tomorrow's WI goes.

Today's Plan???
Apple day...or
Brkfst: Apple w/ cinnamon & blk Coffee
Lunch: lettuce, ACV & grilled chicken
Dinner: ? Fish, & Asparagus, strawberries w/ stevia

no loss - hmmm

I might be in a stall, I might do an apple day. Or maybe a HALF apple day. Apples till dinner?
I did eat more steak than I should have last night, didn't weigh. so it is mostly my fault.
Havn't decided yet. Maybe just stick to plan and see how tomorrow's W.I goes.

I am really on the emotional roller coaster this week. When I am really motivated I do so well, but when I doubt other things in my life. I tend to wane on the lax side of things.

Today's Plan:
Apple day?
or Brkfst: Apple, coffee blk.
Lunch: lettuce, grilled chicken, ACV
Dinner: Fish, asparagus

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

BLARG!!!! needing moral support

So.... I have no support system this time, and it sux. I need that Rooting committee once in a while. Like now.
Having a TERRIBLE day. Arguing...no FIGHTING with hubby, stupid everyday married stuff, but it turned into a bring up old stuff and start screaming sort of Fight. I feel like I want to throw in the towel on everything in my life. including my healtier me. I know this is temporary, but right now I want pudding...with whipped cream. ...I got...cinnamon flavored black coffee. (small victory I guess)
But well, if you're an emotional eater...you know how I feel.

So the plan fell apart at the Pampered Chef party and I ate stuff I shouldn't. Then I babysat Tyler, he's 4. and I didn't make good choices there either. (peanut butter on celery) good for him, not so good for HCG diet. And some almonds. also good for him, not good for my plan.

so I was up 4 lbs!!! FOUR!
I am back down 3 but DANG!!! HCG is ruthless when you cheat...so if you read my blog, and your on HCG...DON'T CHEAT!!!

Today down to 204.5
today's plan:
Brkfst: Apple w/ stevia & cinnamon
Lunch: lettuce, & cherry tomatoes w/ fish
Snack: black cinnamon coffee.
Dinner: Asparagus, & steak - strawberries & stevia.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day 6 of the VLCD - P2 Round 3 -

Released 2 lbs this AM! doing the HAPPY dance. 
So from the first injection date I was at 211.0 
loading brought me up to 214.0  now I am back down to 203.5.
That's 7.5 from the start! Love it.
Going to have a hard time today, going to a Pampered chef party.
They always have you try food prepared on their products. Going to eat before I go, and bring seltzer water.

So my PLAN for today: lets hope I can stick with it:
Brkfst: Apple w/stevia & cinnamon, black coffee
Lunch: grilled fish w steamed swiss chard & celery
Dinner: ??  If I don't eat at the party...baked chicken and salad. Apple.

Friday, February 18, 2011

TGIF!!! 3 day weekend! P2R3 Day 6

Down another 1.5 lbs. woot!  a bit hungry this morning, even after my apple w/ stevia & cinnamon, drinking lots of water though. HURRY UP LUNCHTIME!!!
stomach actually growled a bit ago. I will stick with the current 125 IU does until next week, and if I am still hungry, I am going to up to 150 IU.
I wasn't hungry for either rounds 1 or 2.
Still I am happy with my results so far, so no complaints. Made my own dressing for a salad last night:
2 T ACV, 2 T dijon mustard (no sugar added), a dash of sea salt, 2 dashes of pepper, garlic powder, & oregano. mixed well. Very tasty!

Today's plan: \
Brkfst: apple w/stevia & cinnamon. Black coffee
Lunch: chicken breast(stir-fried w/fat free chix broth) over lettuce, cucumber salad w/dressing (above) melba
Dinner: Fish grilled, sauted Swiss chard w/red onion, melba toast, strawberries w/Truvia

Thursday, February 17, 2011

P2R3 - VLCD- Day 3 - Released another 2 lb.

Loving it!  so I am back on track, down to 207.
I really need a plan for P3, I did so well the first round, and so badly the 2nd round.
So that is in the back of my mind.  But it is only day 5 of the P2, so I shouldn't get ahead of myself.
I find if I don't eat as soon as I start to feel a little hungry..like today. I am hungry after I eat as well.
Today I was too busy to eat at 12:00 like I usually do. And now I have finished off my asparagus and fish. And still want more. It could also be because it was not the best fish I have ever made, I ate it because it was there, not because I was enjoying it. :(   it was way too dry.
lessons learned.
I have learned so much about myself from being on this plan.
Here are a few:
  1. I think I am hungry when I am thirsty, or over tired.
  2. I think I am hungry when I am not satisfied by what I eat.
  3. I tend to eat when I am bored.
  4. I overeat at parties.
What have I done to fix this?
  1. I think before I eat...am I really HUNGRY??   This works for 1, 2 & 3.  
  2. I drink a big glass of water before I start to make dinner or ordering something to eat.
  3. If I catch myself looking for a snack and KNOW I am not hungry I try to find something to do (read a book, do 1 of the 10 crafts I have laying around unfinished, clean up my room.)
  4. I try to eat before going to a big party, and always bring seltzer water or water w/lemon with me. In case the host does not have low-cal drinks. Also selzer w/ a lime can stop the sabatours who try to give me an alcoholic drink when I don't want one.
And what is it with friends that get mad at you when you don't drink with them. WHY can't I have water with lemon to your beer/wine/cocktail?? 
And with friends that don't like it when you diet. I have had friends load up a plate for me right after I have told them I am watching my caloric intake.  ???  These are people that I know are not jelous (because they are georgeous) or threatened by me. These are naturally thin people.   I understand the friend that also needs to lose weight doing this to me...but I don't tell them what NOT to eat, why do they feel they have the right to tell me not to diet.   I have stopped explaining what I am doing, and I NEVER tell anyone I am on HCG or on a diet unless they TRULEY want to know HOW I am losing weight.
Latley when people tell me I am crazy...I don't need a diet!! I tell them it is not a diet. it is a healthy eating plan.   That I don't want to wait till I'm 50 to try to lose weight, I want to enjoy how I feel. And eating healthier food is going to not only keep me at a healthy weight but keep me from having heart, liver and other problems later in life.
Wow, that was quite a rant.  :)   I want to end by saying I feel GREAT! this round I am already down 7 lbs.
I wish everyone could feel like this. - Mentally lighter, Happy, Accomplished, and like I have a Destination to my everyday journey.

Today's Plan:
Brkfst: Apple w/stevia & cinnamon, black vanilla coffee.
Lunch: grilled Fish w/ crushed melba, asparagus (steamed)
Dinner: Chicken thigh (skin & bone removed) Lettuce, w. sliced cucumber. melba toast. Strawberries w/ stevia

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

R3P2-Day2-VLCD -4.5 lbs

Down 4.5 lbs!  I know it is the first loss and it is usually bigger than most, but I am thrilled!
I'm on my way!!! However...
A monkey wrench thrown into best laid plans today. We are taking a co-worker out for lunch.
Chineese. blarg! I am hoping they still serve sushi, I will get the kind without rice, and get some veggies on the side.  going to eyeball about 3 oz and stay away from everything else except tea.  (brought my stevia with me, and also have liquid aminos here at work) so it should turn out all right. (crosses fingers)

Today's Plan:
Brkfst: Coffee black, apple
Lunch: Sashimi, daikon, steamed veggies
Dinner: chicken, stir fried w/ fat free chix broth & spinach, Apple

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

P2- D3 VLCD D1 -

The Gorging put me up to 214. whoe. I guess I did it too well. ha.
But I am not upset because I know this will come right back off. 
I had forgotten how much I LOVE my George Forman Grill. no oil or cooking spray needed.
I put some liquid aminos on my chicken and grilled it, and it is awesome!
A little oregano and basil in my lettuce and it was a great lunch.
Glad to be back on PLAN.

Brkfst: black cinnamon coffee, strawberries w/stevia
Lunch: lettuce, oregano, basil, lemon juice & ACV topped with grilled chicken, and 1 melba toast
Dinner: Saute'd cabbage w/ fat free chicken broth, grilled fish, 1 melba toast, and 1 apple.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Phase 2 -Here I am!! Round 3!

Well Round 2 was a waste of time. I didn't commit, and when I got to Phase 3 I simply stopped planning. And you know what they say about people to don't plan.  Yep I planned to FAIL and gained all the weight I lost in round 2 back.   I didn't take the time to introduce carbs back slowly I just jumped into an eating binge with both feet.   Luckily I had only lost 10 lbs in round 2.

I have learned a valuable lesson. there REALLY IS a method to Dr. Simeon's Plan. It worked so well the first round. But I was so gung ho and empowed for Phase 2, 3, and 4 that time. Round 2 not so much.

So here I am starting Round 3. This time I am motivated, ready and have a plan.   I am committed to staying on target and following the plan to the letter. I have re-read Pounds and Inches!
ONEderland...here I come!
Load day today. I have some of my favorites for Valentines Day. (apple pastry, Lasagna, Tiramisu, Prime Rib and Chocolate cake)    Since I will be staying away from those for a while. I have also planned on buying some gluten free products for Phase 3 & 4 and will TRY TRY TRY to really start avoiding white flour and sugar for the rest of my life.  I know you can't always avoid these things. But I am going to really start a better eating lifestyle.
Mainly because I feel so GREAT when I am on the VLCD. And I am sure it is because of the no flour and sugar.

So AWAY we go....Load Day 2. Phase 2 Round 3.
Happy Valentines Day everyone!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Blog please forgive me for neglecting you and myself!

Ok so I went on a binge, for 1 month I have eaten nothing but CRAP, and I actually feel awefull too.
So that, if anything, taught me my body really doesn't like having free reign to eat anything!
Superbowl especially was bad, chips dip, stuffed mushrooms, chili w/cheese and corn chips, hummus and pita bread...not a veggie in sight! blah.

I have gone to the gym a few times. but nothing near what I should have with the stuff I was eating.
SOOOOO, that being said, I was going to try to get back to my LID weight before starting another round. But why torture myself. I am just going to get back on track, Load on Sunday and Monday and jump in with both feet on Tuesday.

This will be my Valentines day gift to myself. HCG and VLCD!  I loved the way I felt on the Phase 2. My digestive system was in sync, and I really FELT GREAT. So I can't wait to get back on it.

Skinny me by this summer is my goal. short term goal, get back to ONEderland!

Friday, January 21, 2011

One Wedding photo up - and some thoughts.

Ok, yeah it's just a tease. I know! I will have to steal the CD back from my Mom to get another one out there. But I was very happy with the way I looked. and for me, that is saying something.
I am usually VERY critical of the way I look, either I think my hair is wrong, or my smile is crooked. or I am too damn FAT!  but the FAT is mostly gone, now I am down to just overweight and undertoned.
I am going to be working on that with my next round of HCG.

I am back up about 4 lbs. I have not been paying attention to what I am eating. And this week had chineese food twice. which always makes me retain water. So I am going to start eating healthier, and working out again. and see what my real weight is before I start my next round.
I am so syched about starting again. I plan to be VERY strict and hopefully do as well as I did on the first round.  (my 2nd round was a waste of HCG and $$ I never really committed to it. I had alot on my mind. LOL)
But no looking back, no kicking myself for things I can't change. that is one of my resolutions. 

I am going to focus on the future, change what I can, work to make myself a better person, and leave the rest to God.   - You can't grab onto the Future if your hands are full of the past.
I read that somewhere and plan to remember it when I start to dwell on stuff that has happened to me. It is done. over. and looking back won't fix it. However, looking forward, moving on, and making the BEST of everyday is where my head is at now.
I have 3 wonderful men in my life now, we are healthy, and our future is so bright we have to wear shades!!!