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Hi, My name is Kimberly. I decided to blog about my journey to a healthy me. At present I am 50 yo, I weigh about 225 lb (edit...down to 185) I am 5' 10" tall; Re-married Mom of 2 wonderful "boys" (24& 25). I work as an executive assistant, have a fabulous Husband and life would be perfect if I could just learn to budget, get my bills paid and reduce my size by about 60 (edit: 20 more) lb!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

BLARG!!!! needing moral support

So.... I have no support system this time, and it sux. I need that Rooting committee once in a while. Like now.
Having a TERRIBLE day. Arguing...no FIGHTING with hubby, stupid everyday married stuff, but it turned into a bring up old stuff and start screaming sort of Fight. I feel like I want to throw in the towel on everything in my life. including my healtier me. I know this is temporary, but right now I want pudding...with whipped cream. ...I got...cinnamon flavored black coffee. (small victory I guess)
But well, if you're an emotional eater...you know how I feel.

So the plan fell apart at the Pampered Chef party and I ate stuff I shouldn't. Then I babysat Tyler, he's 4. and I didn't make good choices there either. (peanut butter on celery) good for him, not so good for HCG diet. And some almonds. also good for him, not good for my plan.

so I was up 4 lbs!!! FOUR!
I am back down 3 but DANG!!! HCG is ruthless when you cheat...so if you read my blog, and your on HCG...DON'T CHEAT!!!

Today down to 204.5
today's plan:
Brkfst: Apple w/ stevia & cinnamon
Lunch: lettuce, & cherry tomatoes w/ fish
Snack: black cinnamon coffee.
Dinner: Asparagus, & steak - strawberries & stevia.

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  1. Hang in there. I hope tomorrow is better.