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Hi, My name is Kimberly. I decided to blog about my journey to a healthy me. At present I am 50 yo, I weigh about 225 lb (edit...down to 185) I am 5' 10" tall; Re-married Mom of 2 wonderful "boys" (24& 25). I work as an executive assistant, have a fabulous Husband and life would be perfect if I could just learn to budget, get my bills paid and reduce my size by about 60 (edit: 20 more) lb!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

I should listen to my own advice. lol

So this morning down 2 lbs after a 3 day stall.  yep it comes off after a stall, if you JUST STICK TO IT.
It is hard after days of consistancy, about .5 lbs a day...not to be dissappointed to nothing for a few days
But like I tell others. wait, be patient....but the reason most of us are on HCG is because we are those that are NOT patient. if we can't see results, we often give up.
I see it too often. people on sparkpages....following a plan to the letter, ANY plan, but not seeing results, they get discouraged.  Our bodies are stubborn, they LIKE that extra fat. that cushion of saftey.
But we know it is not healthy, not always comfortable.

So we get upset and some people quit. But not me. I am not a quitter!!!
I am sticking to this for 45 days, then 3 weeks of P3 then for LIFE of living healthier and sticking to a plan.
Planning on an excellent day with my Mom today.
Pedicures, shopping then cooking out on the grill, (shrimp on the baaaaabie for me)

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