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Hi, My name is Kimberly. I decided to blog about my journey to a healthy me. At present I am 50 yo, I weigh about 225 lb (edit...down to 185) I am 5' 10" tall; Re-married Mom of 2 wonderful "boys" (24& 25). I work as an executive assistant, have a fabulous Husband and life would be perfect if I could just learn to budget, get my bills paid and reduce my size by about 60 (edit: 20 more) lb!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Down another lb

I was worried about what I ate yesterday, but this morning I weighed in at 207.
I may show a gain or a stall in the next day or so, my body seems to take a day or 2 to catch up with my actions. 
But I am not sweating the small stuff. I am doing really well, feeling great and releasing pritty steadily.
I feel bad for a friend of mine who is not doing so well on the protocol, her husband knows the plan and cooks for her. so I am wondering if he isn't cooking with a bit of oil or Pam and just not telling her, or if he is making the plate up, is he actually weighing or eyeballing it.
I guess that is why I always cook and weigh my protein. I want to make sure I really am on protocol.
sticking to the 3.5 oz
it is EASY to go over.
Tonight I made a baked apple with apple pie spice and stevia. It was sooooooo good.
I am totally satisfied and not even thinking about food.
Which I used to do all the time.

I have been on sparkpeople to keep track of food and excersize...MAN are they AGAINST HCG!
which is really had to be possitive with. I want to YELL at them, but I try try try not to.
I just keep my page private and when I see my friends being told things that aren't true. or that the HCG plan DOES NOT WORK I have to speak up and say....ummmmm knock knock knock...what do you call what I am experiencing...I used to be 142 lbs....it works. I love it!

enough ranting.
HAVE A Fabulous DAY!

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