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Sunday, July 20, 2014

New Batch and instructions

Corion 5000 - mixing 125 IU dose in .12.5 cc injection
This is for my own personal use, please consult a physician before taking any medication for any reason.  HCG is not approved by the FDA for weight loss.

 I find it works for me, so I use it!

HCG comes in a sealed sterile container with a small 2 ml glass container of sterile water for injection. (the HCG is a powder) I throw out the water as the glass ampule is hard to break, and I worry about getting glass in my mixture.
At the far left I have my amber glass sterile vile for mixing.
This is a plastic sterile container of water for injection
I take the water out directly thru the container.
The top comes off, but it is less sterile that way.
Here I have removed the purple plastic cap to expose the rubber stopper. I sterilize with alcohol wipes.
** I have received HCG in glass ampules, I broke it with a damp paper towel to catch the tiny shards of glass, and purchased a mixing syringe with mesh  to weed out any glass.  I now request VIALS not Ampules
 I sterilize the top of the amber mixing vile
This is the mixing syringe it is large and can hold up to 10 CC of liquid .
I always wipe everything with alcohol before starting.

Here it is compared with my 1 CC injection syringe.
 Sterile water for injection is sold in 10 CC plastic containers. or 30 ML vials (a CC and ml are the same thing)  I have also gotten my Sterile water in vials as well. this time it came in these sealed plastic containers. But once unsealed, I had to throw the rest away. I prefer the rubber stopper sealed kind.
 I start by withdrawing 1 cc of air from the HCG vial.  then injecting the air into the sterile water container then withdrawing 1 cc of water.
I then inject the water into the HCG and swirl gently.  DO NOT SHAKE.

Next withdraw 4 cc of air from the mixing vial. and insert 4 cc of air into the water container and with draw 4 cc of water. (sometimes this has to be done in smaller increments.) If I don't first insert air, it makes it very difficult to withdraw the liquid if the seal is on correctly.

I then deposit the 4 cc of water into the mixing vial.

This next photo is up close to show how to get every last drop of HCG out of the vial, I have to put the mixing syringe very close to the bottom of the vial so the angled opening is at the very edge of the rubber stopper

This allows me to get ALL the HCG out of the container.

I then inject the 1 cc of HCG into the 4 cc's of water in the mixing vial.  giving me a total of 5 cc solution.
with a 5000 IU HCG perscription. I take 0.125 cc daily. which is a solution of 125 IU.
I used to mix 10 cc solution and would take 0.25 cc daily, but why waste the water and take a bigger injection. smaller injections hurt less.

I use my small insulin needles with .05 increments on it.
It is broken down to 100 "units" from 1 CC
this makes it easier to read, and increase or decrease my dose if needed.
This just a photo of the syringe, not the actual dose.
My does on this needle would barely show as it would be just iabove the 15 mark. (12.5)

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