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Hi, My name is Kimberly. I decided to blog about my journey to a healthy me. At present I am 50 yo, I weigh about 225 lb (edit...down to 185) I am 5' 10" tall; Re-married Mom of 2 wonderful "boys" (24& 25). I work as an executive assistant, have a fabulous Husband and life would be perfect if I could just learn to budget, get my bills paid and reduce my size by about 60 (edit: 20 more) lb!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Spoke too soon! Up 2.5 lbs.

Ok didn't blog the last few days...let me catch up. When I did a protein day...I got totally depressed on Tuesday...and Ate Pizza and ice cream. I got that JUST DON'T CARE depression. I am going to have to work on that.  I know this.  I was up 4 lbs yesterday. But I went to the Gym and worked out and ate sensibly. 20 min on Eliptical, and 15 min doing squats, sit-ups and leg excersizes.  down to only 2.5 over LID.
Today I am cold, my office is freezing. Which makes me crave food. I am resisting. Had 1/2 grapefruit and 1 hard boiled egg for breakfast with coffee.  It is only 11 and I am starving. So I had an apple.  I brought my lunch so I will avoid eating something warming and bad for me. Last night we had steak and I made "noodles" out of zuccini. I made "mac" and cheese with them for lunch today with left over steak (about 3.5 oz) And will eat something sensable for dinner. Probably sauted veggies in veg broth and shrimp.
Then will hit the gym again tomorrow.   hoping to make some nice vegetable soup as comfort food for tomorrow.
Keeping fingers crossed to get back to 206 before the weekend.

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