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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Some observations today

So one of my observations this round is that the slightest change in dose can really make a difference.
I take a 125 IU dose each day.
I missed my injection on Sunday. not intentionally, last round I skipped Sundays so I could do a longer round and not build up an immunity.
I wasn't going to do that this round. but I thought oh well...
So Monday morning I took 150 IU ...you know to sort of make up for it.
OMG!!! I was starving all day!  and had a bit of a headache.
Lesson learned, MORE is not BETTER!

So Tuesday I went back to 125 IU does in 12.5 cc on the needle.
Perfect. Not hungry, had a pritty good day.

Observation #2.
Shiritaki noodles ...like regular pasta is my weakness I eat a bit more than I should.
That being said, I had no loss this morning after eating them last night.
The ground beef could be a factor as well, and this is why I am glad I JOURNAL.
I will watch my losses. maybe try ground beef again by itself, see if I have no loss again.
It could be that I just ate more than I should have.
Also, I will be watching to see if this is a STALL. Will I lose tomorrow??  TUNE IN TOMORROW!!! LOL.

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