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Friday, August 27, 2010

HCG DAY 1! Mixing delemas and solutions

Well I saw so many different recipes for HCG sublingual that I got totally confused. So I am doing injections.
My son is a diabetic, and has a whole box of needles we put away since they came out with the insulin Pens.
So I figured I would just use those, we have 100 of them!

So here is my mix. I decided on 150 IUs per day.
There were a few different directions on how to mix for different dosing. I thought I would go with the smallest amount of injection material (ie: .25cc per day as opposed to a full 1 cc per day) easier to inject.
The instructions said for a dose of 150 IU from a  .25cc injection. You would mix a 5000 IU ampule with 8.25 cc of Bacteriostatic Water or Saline.
My HCG came with a large Seringe 15 cc/ml. and a small seringe 1 cc/ml (I only used the larger one when mixing.)
I sterilized all bottles with an alcohol wipe.
I mixed 1cc Saline with the powder to liquify, swirling gently.
I then pulled 7.25 cc's of air from my amber bottle and pushed 7.25cc's of air INTO the Saline Solution bottle. I then withdrew 7.25 cc's of Saline.
I then injected the 7.25cc's of Saline into my amber bottle.
I then withdrew the 1 cc of liquified HCG making sure not to make bubbles and getting every drop.
I then gently inserted the HCG into the saline in the Amber bottle.
after my first .25cc injection I refridgerated it.

I am now loading...ick. I feel sick actually.  For brkfst: I had McDonalds egg,cheese, & ham bisquit and a breakfast burrito AND a strawberry bananna smoothie. At 11:00 I had an apple turnover and coffee. For lunch at 1:00 I ate a huge plate of eggplant parm with ziti. And I wanted to throw up. I have a huge cookie and soy milk for a snack and I can't bring myself to eat it.
I am going to have a hard time getting down dinner. I am not used to eating so much food!!!

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