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Hi, My name is Kimberly. I decided to blog about my journey to a healthy me. At present I am 50 yo, I weigh about 225 lb (edit...down to 185) I am 5' 10" tall; Re-married Mom of 2 wonderful "boys" (24& 25). I work as an executive assistant, have a fabulous Husband and life would be perfect if I could just learn to budget, get my bills paid and reduce my size by about 60 (edit: 20 more) lb!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

I've been HUNGRY lately

I am waiting to start Round 2 of HGC. on Phase 4.
And I am hungry. I want to eat non-stop. I know this is emotional eating, which I have been really good about. but I really feel like I need to eat something. I am getting water now to curb it. but still. GRRRRR just because you understand something, doesn't always mean you can fix or control it.
And it frustrates me!
I am still logging everything I put in my mouth in Spark people. So hopefully that keeps me more accountable.
but at night....when no one is watching...is when I tend to go overboard. *sigh* I guess I will just have to tell my BF to keep a better eye on me.

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  1. I'm an emotional eater too. I'm on P2 (day 23) and am finding that I'm getting hungry more. Which is wierd after this long!

    Good luck with controlling it. Easier said than done, I understand that.